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Project Description

An interactive virtual reality presentation of the Uniti car.

World class virtual reality simulators have been developed together with Uniti using both Unity3D and Unreal Engine. Virtual reality has proven to be an invaluable tool for visualization and the simulator has been extensively used by the car designers at Uniti. It has also been used with great success for promotion at numerous exhibitions and was an integral part of the Uniti in-store experience at MediaMarkt.

Furthermore, a complete driving simulator was constructed, which has been used together with a custom built driver seat, utilizing a novel joystick steering mechanism. This driving simulator has been showcased at exhibitions, but also used for the development and testing of the steer-by-wire technology. These simulations have resulted in patent applications, as well as being used in a master’s thesis work at Uniti.

Development of this technology is imperative for the creation of next-generation vehicle customization applications. Real-time customization of both car paint and interior design has been implemented together with the Leap Motion to provide tracking of the user’s hands.

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